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Louise M Tyquin is your very experienced


Also check out her READING CLINIC, assisting the Bulimba district and beyond for over 40 years.

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Louise M Tyquin - Speech Pathologist

I am a private paediatric speech pathologist working with children and young adults aged 3 1/2 years to 18 years.

Established in 1989 as Louise M Tyquin, the practice grew  and became  Tyquin Group Speech Pathology in 1996. As Tyquin Group Speech Pathology, we were early pioneers of group private practices and once had the largest group in Australia.


Now in my latter years, I have once again become a sole trader. This means that you always get to see me and enjoy the many benefits that 40 years of experience can provide.


I have extensive experience in paediatric communication issues and have a special interest in literacy and dyslexia solutions.

My therapy approach is family-oriented,  working with parents, caregivers and organisations to assist children and young adults to reach their full communication potential.

As an agent of BehaviouralReading I also provide excellence and innovation in literacy, learning, cognitive and brain training solutions.


I  provide assessment and treatment for children and young adults who are having difficulty with:

  • Speech Pronunciation or Clarity

  • Literacy (Reading, Spelling and Writing including Dyslexia)

  • Following Directions (Language Comprehension)

  • Formulating sentences using correct grammar and vocabulary (Language Expression)

I also assist those children and young adults with a Disability diagnosis.


  • After 40 years, I know what I can do really well and who I can help in a relatively short period of  time  i.e. from weeks to months.   

  • I don't have a waiting list. 

If you need quick access and a proven track record of your therapist then call me.

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