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Custom Development

          Every child and situation is unique, so we develop custom treatment plans to ensure no-one is left behind. 

Various reading and speech improvement programs are offered in our speech pathology and reading clinic in Brisbane (Godwin St in Bulimba) for children and adults who are having difficulties with reading comprehension or problems with speaking properly.

These proven speech and reading development programs include:

Lidcombe Programme (stuttering),

Hanen (slow talkers),

Sound Training Activities for Reading and Spelling Programmes (STARS) – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Reading Readiness (phonological awareness),

PATH (visual training), Behavioral Reading (literacy)

The programs used to work with your child will vary depending on the results uncovered in the initial literacy consultation and may be a series of programs depending on your child’s specific requirements.

We tailor dedicated programs to suit your child's individual needs. 

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