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Intellectual Impairment Services

Thank you for your interest in Tyquin speech pathology services for the Intellectually Impaired via NDIS

Our Intellectual impairment service covers a broad spectrum of conditions making it likely we can offer at least a partial solution for each persons particular needs.

Our unique model mainly uses home therapy via a Telehealth model. This helps clients receive continuity of care even in these uncertain times of Covid and the ever increasing traffic congestion in our cities. We also find it reduces time pressure triggers for anxious people.

Speech pathology covers a very wide range of conditions but this service limits offerings to items where we have reasonable expectations for quality outcomes using this home/telehealth model.

Improve... In leaps & bounds!


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NDIA  not available
Self Managed available
Plan Managed available



What we treat:

Auditory (sounds): Alphabet related speech sounds. Phoneme/graphemes, Hearing (Listening of Sounds -processing), mapping , remapping, correction phonemes

Processing Disorders: 

  • Auditory Processing (Central), Sequences; Order; Cadence (speed); Manipulation; Memory

  • Central Executive Processing: including memory, sequencing, timing, retrieval, logic and language.

  • Visual Processing: including Visual Discrimination, Visual Memory, Visual Closure, Form Constancy, Linear Sequencing.


  • Verbalizing actions including concepts of up, down, above, below, right, left, diagonal, corner, middle, sequential counting 1 to 100 +

  • Gross Motor to verbal coordination.

  • Object Permanence


  • Accuracy, Comprehension, Rate, 

  • Reading Subskills: Non Word Spelling, Phoneme Segmentation, Syllable Segmentation, Word Attack

What we do not treat:

  1. Please note that our service to intellectually impaired clients does not teach structured phonological awareness rules pertaining to reading literacy as is widely understood by speech pathology practices either remotely or face to face.  Our package however develops the many component skills that are typically deficient and hence is a precursor to the rule based phonological awareness structured spelling methodology.

  2. Our Intellectual Impairment Service does not offer regular face to face sessions for articulation, language or other.

Getting started:

  1. We request copies of reports and information be forwarded via email for preliminary perusal.
    or speak to one of our pathologists on
    0414 745 074


  2. An initial face to face session is usual to assess, compile background history and an orientation as is appropriate for each client. This is decided on a case by case basis.

Ongoing Therapy:

Regular therapy consists of Zoom supported sessions where content is served to the clients own computer. These facilitated sessions should be conducted within the clients home along with the assistance of their own personal carer to help as needed.

Thank you for considering Tyquin speech pathology Intellectual Impairment service and look forward to hearing from you earliest.

          Every child and situation is unique so we develop custom treatment plans to ensure the best outcomes.

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