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Rapid Impact Therapies

Australia wide


If you are in a rush and want rapid outcomes, then Tyquin has developed therapies that reliably produce worthwhile outcomes in about two weeks: 


Therapies included in our list include:

Auditory (sounds): Alphabet related speech sounds. Phoneme/graphemes, Hearing (Listening of Sounds -processing), mapping , remapping, correction of phonemes

Processing Disorders:
Auditory Processing (Central): Sequences; Order; Cadence (speed); Manipulation; Memory
Central Executive Processing: including memory, sequencing, timing, retrieval, logic and language.

Visual Processing: including Visual Discrimination, Visual Memory, Visual Closure, Form Constancy, Linear Sequencing.

Language: Verbalizing actions including concepts of up, down, above, below, right, left, diagonal, corner, middle, sequential counting 1 to 100 +
Gross Motor to verbal coordination.

Object Permanence

Reading:  Accuracy, Comprehension, Rate, 

Reading Subskills: Non Word Spelling, Phoneme Segmentation, Syllable Segmentation, Word Attack

Timetable Chanting

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